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The passing of time is one of the certainties of life - along with death and taxes.

Our memories and friendships are the bonds which guide us and hearten us but that also sometimes burden us.

Regardless, it is important to look to recall the highlights in the hope that they will dim the lowlights.

As a former member I had the distinct privilege and pleasure of serving at Northcote CIB from 1980 for a number of years.  I worked under the tutelage of the legendary Howard Cornish and alongside many other legends some of whom have passed - Kim West, Jeff Mawkes, George Vickers - and many (too many to mention) who remain with us.

It was in late 1983 or early 1984 that a decision was made to create more space for a growing uniform section in the premises at 43 James Street (former convent - what is it with the Police department and old ecclesiastical buildings?).  To do so, the former residence at the Fairfield Police Station in Wingrove Street Fairfield was extended and refurbished.

I along with a few other willing hands assisted on moving day

It was on or about that day, a number of Northcote alumni joined together for a social lunch and to “mourn” the passing of Northcote CIB.

They adjourned proceedings to the new offices for a further hearing and brought with them refreshments to sustain themselves and those of us who were there.

In the wonderful spirit of camaraderie that afternoon it was declared that this should be a regular event - perhaps twice a year - and that it would be known as “The High Street Blues”.  This being a dual reference to the former location of the CIB and the blue serge that flowed in our veins as well as an oblique nod to a popular TV cop show of the time, Hill Street Blues.

The lunches have been held on the second Tuesday in February and August since.

Venues have changed, starting at the Peacock in High Street and moving to the Croxton Park, the Albion Charles and finally in its current form at the Grandview Hotel in Heidelberg Road Fairfield.

Many of our former watering holes have been taken over by the “soy latte and smashed avocado set” and might not suit what could be viewed as a group of “non PC dinosaurs”. 

The tradition has continued, sometimes only once a year but mostly twice and the attendees wax and wane a little.  Nevertheless a strong core exists and the tradition has continued with an average of 25 to 30 turning up to renew acquaintances, re-fight battles, re-write history and above all share that special comradeship that exists.

The organizers have declared that the next event - 16 February 2024 will be the celebration of the 40 years of regularity.   So to any who read this who have served at Northcote or Fairfield CIB or subsequent derivatives, we wish to extend a warm welcome.  Join us, return to the fold, catch up with mates, enjoy a meal and a refreshment or just satisfy your curiosity to put faces to names.

This is a very special day and worthy of your consideration.

Meal and drinks at your expense - there may be commemorative stubby holders (just what we need to add to the collection) - we may call for a small donation to de-fray expenses. 

If you are interested or know someone who may be please contact the organisers;

Andrew Beames -

Danny Flannery -

Mick Fennessy -


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