Retired Police Association of Victoria

Lew O’Reilly VA Welfare Guidelines

  1. This grant shall be open to RPA Members ONLY
  2. Grants should be to a maximum of $1000.00 in any one case unless evidence can be provided where extenuating circumstances exist.
  3. Grants can be authorised by the sub committee and paid as required and ratified at committee meetings.
  4. Urgent or emergency funds may be provided in any case where evidence is overwhelming or obvious such as fire, flood, etc. Motel/hotel rooms, cleaners, tradespersons etc, etc.  The RPA executive and subcommittee members should be authorised to provide these emergency funds as necessary if believed needed.
  5. In all cases, funds will be provided by way of paying an account directly to the supplier of the goods or service.
  6. Cash payments will not be made to the applicant or member being assisted.
  7. Applications for assistance can be on the recommendation of a peer support officer or RPA member
  8. A limit of grants in any one calendar year shall be set at $10,000.00.
  9. Grants or assistance can only be provided were there be sufficient funds available in any one year.
  10. Receipts for services or goods provided MUST be obtained and forwarded to the RPA treasurer.
  11. Applications for assistance shall be made in writing on the form from the RPA Website (org)
  12. All applications shall be kept in strictest confidence subject to the privacy laws of Victoria


This Welfare Grant system shall commence on 1 July 2022