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About Us

About Us

The Retired Police Association of Victoria Inc. was established in 1928 and its current Constitution was adopted at a Special General Meeting held on 23 September 2014.

You have spent a great deal of your lifetime in service to the community as a valued member of Victoria Police, and you may want to continue the friendships and contacts you made during your service. If so, the Retired Police Association of Victoria Inc is the way to do it.The RPA offers you the opportunity to keep in touch, and the chance of meeting those with whom you served.

We produce a quarterly newsletter (Retired Police Gazette), a copy of which will be provided to all RPA members. It endeavours to keep members informed of the activities and movements of those old friends you may wish to know about; and it's surprising how often we facilitate re-unions, often as long as 30 or 40 years after members last saw each other.

Membership is open to all those who have served with Victoria Police, left with a "clear and honourable discharge" and who are of "good fame and character". Whether you have retired through age, medical discharge, resignation or you are a Reservist, you are eligible and most welcome to join. Former members of other recognised Police Forces are also eligible under certain conditions. To become a member please go to "Membership" page, print the form, complete it and send it to The Secretary.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Statement of Purposes of the Association shall be:
1.to the mutual benefit of members by fostering a spirit of comradeship;
2.to promote a spirit of goodwill and fellowship amongst its members;
3.to use any legitimate means to protect and advance the interests of its members;
4.to show consideration and comradeship to each other at all times, particularly in cases of sickness or death.
5.to arrange visits to members when they are sick; and render such assistance as maybe necessary or practical;
6.to assist widows, widowers and families in time of grief or sorrow;
7.to provide and publish newsletters from funds;
8.to show respect where possible by attending the funeral of any deceased member; and
9.to administer the funds and assets of the Association to the benefit of the members and to facilitate the effective administration of the Association.

It is the members of the RPA who built the road we are still travelling on
Detective Inspector Michael J Hughes APM

in a letter to RPA thanking them for the acknowledgement of his receipt of the APM 27 January 2015

The Retired Police Association of Victoria offers its condolences to the family and friends of persons listed on this page

Number Name Date of Death Funeral Details Age
14789 WEIR
Doreen Elaine
11 August 2019
Tobin Brothers
Noble Park Chapel
505 Princes Highway
Noble Park
21 August 2019

11003 OGDEN
Walter Leslie (Joe)
11 August 2019
Presbyrterian Church
Corner Church and Mitchell Streets
16 August 2019

This page will be updated as deaths are reported to us and removed after the funeral.
The members names will also be placed on the "in memoriam" page for the year and that page will be archived at the end of each year.

*Non RPA Member - Details are published for the information of all members but are not archived.

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